February 25th, 2018

We gave you all plenty of time to go see Star Wars - The Last Jedi. Shamrock & Pataki welcome back Sarah Van B & Kinetic for a "no holds barred" discussion of the latest installment in the Star Wars universe. Also, this is the finalé for the Nerdworld USA podcast. The panel of four nerds discuss podcast series highlights to roundout everything out. 

Thank you nerds! Farewell, and we will all miss talking about celebrity deaths and Lou Pearlman with you. 


Redd Foxx Rises - Less DC Talk

May 26th, 2017

Shamrock & Pataki mourn celebrity deaths. Pataki is wrong, many times, like normal. Discussion of Mickey Rourke's defense of 2Pac. We share our thoughts on NBC's "Powerless" and how Charm City is defended by Redd Foxx. Pataki attemps to defend "Alien: Covenant" and keeps it above board, no spoilers.


We talk Guardians, Vol. 2

May 15th, 2017

Hey - this is a SPOILERS WARNING! If you haven't seen Guardian of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 - you might want to wait to listen. <= warning! Shamrock & Pataki are joined by Lynx Kinetic and Sarah to talk all about the Guardian of the Galaxy, Vol. 2!


Nerd World U.S.A. - My #$!%& is a Roach Motel

May 1st, 2017

Hello Citizens of Nerd World U.S.A. - we talk celebrity deaths, music stuff, limited edition vinyl of color, Lou Pearlman, and much - much - so much - more!!! As mentioned at the start, we experienced some audio difficulties that unfortunately Pataki did not realize were on-going. Hang in there, we'll have a (surprise) coming on Thursday, May 4.


Nerd World U.S.A. - Adventures of Young Dick Cheney

April 16th, 2017

Nerd World USA keeps on rolling with an extended episode! Shamrock & Pataki highlight those celebrities who have passed. Shamrock talks about New Chums and Paper Foxes. We review Hollywood casting new (Christian Bale to play Young Dick Cheney!). And we finish up with Easter memories.


Nerd World U.S.A. - The Double Length Episode

April 9th, 2017

Nerd World USA has returned with a super, epic double length episode! Pataki summarizes his walkabout. Shamrock runs down music you know that has been recently labeled "classic." They both recap recent box office successes, some unexpected. And, we discover fun nerd facts along the way!



Nerd World U.S.A - OA Talk (Complete with Spoilers)

January 9th, 2017

We talk the Netflix show the OA, a box that plays your records, music, movies, video games and more!


Nerd World U.S.A - New Year Extravaganza

January 2nd, 2017

We recap the year in celebrity deaths as well as the movies that were released in 2016. We also preview upcoming 2017 movie releases.


Nerd World USA - “Getting Home for Life Day is Never Easy”

December 26th, 2016

Remote correspondent Pataki visits The Loft Cinema in Tucson for "[a night] that takes us through the darkness" of the Star War Holiday Special. This intergalactic oddity from 1978 that draws a "sell out" crowd for the free showing of what some called "the worst thing to ever appear on American television."  Was it all a dream? 


Nerd World USA - Sham Reviews Rogue One

December 19th, 2016

After the hilarious music, video game, and TV talk Sham reviews Rogue One. Spoilers at the end.