February 25th, 2018

We gave you all plenty of time to go see Star Wars - The Last Jedi. Shamrock & Pataki welcome back Sarah Van B & Kinetic for a "no holds barred" discussion of the latest installment in the Star Wars universe. Also, this is the finalé for the Nerdworld USA podcast. The panel of four nerds discuss podcast series highlights to roundout everything out. 

Thank you nerds! Farewell, and we will all miss talking about celebrity deaths and Lou Pearlman with you. 


Thar Warth - May the Fourth Be With You!

May 4th, 2017

OH WHAT A FINE DAY! Thar Warth DAY!  MAY THE FARTH BE WIT U ... as one might say ... Shamrock and Pataki talk Star Wars for an entire episode. We cover the special editions (best & worst changes), we talk prequels ... Pataki goes off about his mental scars around Phantom Menance ... and, well, a bunch of Star Wars, I  mean Thar Warth, talk.