Flashy Wonder Woman

June 11th, 2017

Now Guten-tag-free! Whoa, imagine this - a healthy week for celebrities! We shift the focus games, music, and movies. We hear about the upcoming September release of Harmonix & Hasbro's DropMix™.  Courtney Love is making waves around a "less" tell-all book project. Flash! Sham talks Season 3 of Flash while Pataki laments DC's "crossover" behavior. And, we finish with Shamrock's unfiltered review of DC's sensational hit, Wonder Woman (yes, that means *spoilers*).


Enjoying a con without props

June 4th, 2017

Shamrock & Pataki discuss the passing of two more notable celebrities. We chat about Rick Moranis coming out of retirement (and Pataki goshes about his McKenzie Brother man crush). Sham got to attend all four days of this year's Phoenix Comicon! He chats about Thursday night in the wake of the gunman incident. Found Footage Festival! It's a thing, an awesome thing - and Pataki got to attend in Tucson.